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At Blue Star, your success is our mission. Our expert cybersecurity team monitors and defends your networks, systems and data so you can focus on your bottom line. Trained to defend the nation’s most critical networks. Trusted as a partner. Dedicated to your defense.

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Manage My Cybersecurity

Protect your IT network with managed cyber security operations, 24/7 perimeter defense, intrusion detection and more

Assess My Defenses

Find and fix your security weak points with penetration testing, source code analysis, network vulnerability testing and more

Prove Compliance

Rest assured your business is up-to-date and within necessary requirements for your data and reporting

Develop a Cybersecurity Application

Create and test custom applications that achieve your goals and reduce exposure to cyber threats

Train My Team

Get expert staff training on security awareness, reverse engineering methodologies and custom curriculums

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How We Protect Our Cybersecurity Customers

We provide comprehensive managed security services to protect your networks, systems and data. See how we enhance your defense every step of the way.

August 6, 2020

Password Protection 101

A strong, unique password is among one of the top recommendations for any cybersecurity defense. Strong passwords prevent unauthorized access to your employees’ ...


August 4, 2020

Update: Twitter Hack How It Happened

On July 15th, several Twitter accounts were hacked in an effort to scam bitcoin from users. Unfortunately, it was successful, and in just under four hours ...


July 29, 2020

Best Practices for Training Employees

Employees are often considered the weakest link in an organization’s security defense since human error accounts for 95% of cybersecurity breaches. Human ...


July 27, 2020

Online Safeguards in the Post-Pandemic World

It has been more than four months since the majority of businesses were tasked with switching to a fully remote workforce. In the span of weeks, companies ...


July 21, 2020

Explained: Timeline of the Twitter Bitcoin Scam

On July 15th, several prominent Twitter accounts were hacked to post a variation of a message stating that any bitcoin sent to the wallet linked would ...


February 28, 2020

Blue Star Gives Tech Talks for Clubs at UMD and UMBC

CHANTILLY, VA (February 28, 2020) — Blue Star, a leading managed IT security services company, has partnered with the cybersecurity clubs at the University ...


January 28, 2020

Blue Star Launches ‘Lightning Tech Talk’ Series

CHANTILLY, VA (January 28, 2020) — Blue Star, a leading managed cybersecurity services company, announced the launch of a new Lightning Tech Talk series ...


November 1, 2019

Blue Star Moves to New Chantilly Office Amid Company Growth

CHANTILLY, VA (November 1, 2019) — Blue Star, a leading managed cybersecurity services company, announced the relocation of the company’s office from ...


September 28, 2019

Blue Star to Present at D.C. CyberWeek 2019

CHANTILLY, VA (September 28, 2019) — Blue Star, a leading managed IT security services company, announced today that Ken Truex, Director of Commercial ...


August 5, 2019

It's a public metasploit module and I want it now!

I’ve got a great technical article coming up that will be useful to anyone that uses Metasploit! We are going to walk through adding new modules ...


April 28, 2019

Blue Star Sponsors ‘Capture-the-Flag’ Events for UMBC and UMD Students

CHANTILLY, VA (April 28, 2019) — Blue Star, a leading managed network security services company, partnered with the cybersecurity clubs at University ...


April 17, 2019

5 Fundamentals Every Hacker Must Master

So today, I wanted to discuss 5 fundamental skills that every hacker should master. I use the term hacker loosely because these apply to both offensive ...


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