RouterHawk® is a patented design that revolutionizes monitoring and protecting network routers.

Real-Time Monitoring.
Sophisticated Detection.

Advances in cyber threats have led to an increasing sophistication in malicious software that attempts to compromise networks. Routers are a vulnerable security product that often get overlooked. An entire network’s traffic and availability can be jeopardized if a router is compromised. At Blue Star, we’ve developed a next generation product to change the way we think about router security. RouterHawk® employs a software agent installed directly on the router to continually monitor for changes. If RouterHawk® detects a compromise, it alerts the administrator through one of several configurable methods.

How RouterHawk Works

RouterHawk® is a proprietary tool that facilitates real-time monitoring of any and all changes made to the key software components of routers. Using a sophisticated verification algorithm, it monitors for changes and reports to a management dashboard. The algorithm compares the router’s active operating system, bootstrap software and run-time characteristics to known “good” versions. When differences are detected, the management dashboard alerts the administrator.

Features & Benefits

RouterHawk®’s patented design consists of two components: an agent that runs on the router, and a management dashboard that runs on a separate computer. Together, these components include many features that result in measurable benefits.

Agent Functionality

  • Continuously scans for changes to potential target areas (executable code, function pointers, bootstrap software) of each router on which it was installed

  • Monitors the CPU’s MMU (memory management unit), file system, and other volatile and nonvolatile storage for changes

  • Direct, low-level access to system hardware and memory gives the agent the ability to locate sophisticated malware and other changes that may be hidden from high-level scans

  • Communicates with the management dashboard via heartbeat messages

  • Logs data to the enterprise logging system separately for each device

Management Dashboard Functionality

  • Provides status information, alerts and logging for each router upon which an agent is installed

  • Stores a known good copy of the bootstrap software, operating system and specific run-time characteristics for each router

  • Recreates the operating environment for the router each time it is booted

  • Compares the results of the agent’s scans to the known good state and notifies the administrator when there is a discrepancy

  • Uses heartbeat messages: to know which devices are currently online; to ensure that security has not been disabled; and, to convey data for comparison with the known good state

  • Uses challenges to ensure that the agent has not been tampered with or is being impersonated

  • Issues alerts to assigned administrators via text message, page, or email

  • Configurable to issue audible and visual alerts and run custom scripts

  • Logs data to the enterprise logging system

a Demo

Are you ready to discover the future of router security? Contact our team to learn more about RouterHawk features and benefits and to see the product in real-time.

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