State & Local Government

State and local government agencies are prime targets for cyber criminals and other malicious actors. These institutions store a myriad of sensitive information, from social security numbers to birth certificates and bank account information. Unfortunately, these critical agencies often lack the robust cybersecurity resources needed to proactively defend against threats. We founded Blue Star to fill those gaps.

Secure Your Assets.
Serve Your Constituents.

Millions of citizens depend on your services. At Blue Star, we understand that governments are only as strong as their security programs. Your data is too important to defend retroactively. You need a proven, proactive cybersecurity strategy that is tailored for your unique needs and objectives. Our experts have demonstrated experience building comprehensive, data-driven security solutions that protect state and local government agencies from costly attacks.

Let the Blue Star team take care of threats for you. We deliver solutions that span the entire cybersecurity spectrum, from initial security assessments to identification and remediation. Whether it’s 24/7 perimeter defense or advanced intrusion detection, we ensure that you detect and stop threats before they affect your infrastructure. Find out how Blue Star can help you enhance your security so your team can spend more time on your mission.


Proactively protect sensitive data

Developed to ensure compliance and meet even the most complex requirements

Access to a team of security experts 24/7/365

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State & Local Government Cybersecurity Solutions

Protect your network with comprehensive managed security operations including 24/7 perimeter defense, intrusion detection, file integrity monitoring and more.

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