Managed Security
for the Enterprise

At Blue Star, we provide comprehensive managed security services to safeguard people, systems and networks across your enterprise. Merging advanced technology with human insight, we have the necessary experience to make sense of complex information so we can take action. Let us take care of your security so you can focus on what matters most.

Specialized Services

Operations Center

Defend your organization from increasingly sophisticated and targeted cyber threats with a team of seasoned security experts. We’re in your corner, handling the day-to-day defense of your network, continuously researching and adapting to new threats and always watching. With our 24/7 network activity and critical alerts monitoring, we’re ever at-the-ready to jump into action in an instant and rapidly isolate and remediate any issues. When you need help, a real person and expert on your IT security network is on the other end of your call to assist any time.

  • 360 visibility

  • Perimeter Defense

  • Host Intrusion Detection

  • Network Intrusion Detection

  • Managed SIEM with ongoing tuning

Virtual CISO

Blue Star’s vCISO services can deliver cost-effective, comprehensive cybersecurity leadership to your enterprise. Augment your lean IT teams with a custom-designed Security Program specifically tailored to your unique business needs and approved by one of our seasoned security experts. We’ll develop a realistic approach and plan to empower your enterprise to more effectively guard your sensitive information, reinforce your brand reputation, and protect customer data in today’s increasingly complex threat landscape.

  • IT Risk Management

  • Policy Review and Development

  • Penetration Testing

  • IT Audits

  • Social Engineering

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

  • Compliance and Controls

Phishing Services

Better protect your enterprise and reduce your risk of employee compromise from phishing attacks with Blue Star’s Managed Phishing Services. After analyzing your organization’s specific social engineering vulnerabilities, our experts will create and execute customized simulation campaigns uniquely tailored to your company’s culture and needs to find any vulnerabilities. We’ll also conduct security awareness training for your employees. Using a variety of techniques, including personalized phishing tactics that hackers and identity thieves use (like employing publicly available information), we’ll expose any of your organizational security vulnerabilities and help mitigate your risk with appropriate training.

  • Analysis of environment social engineering vulnerabilities

  • Whitelisting support

  • Customized testing campaigns

  • Workforce email address and groups management

  • Testing analysis, reports and action plan


Our team of cybersecurity experts is ready to take immediate action the instant a threat is confirmed, reducing the damage, risk exposure and time costs to your enterprise. Augmenting your existing tools and processes with our cutting-edge networking, discovery and forensic tools, we can quickly and effectively respond to security incidents, mitigate the damage and fully resolve the breach. With onsite and remote support at the ready, you’ll have expert support every step of the way to handle and help you walk through, recover and learn from any incident.

  • Customized response team

  • Personalized, high-touch support

  • Full cycle remediation service

  • Augmented support services as needed

Awareness Program

Educate your workforce on how to appropriately combat and respond to the unique security threats facing your organization. Our end-user Security Awareness Program training equips employees with the critical knowledge and tools to reduce your organization’s level of exposure to human-related security breaches. Designed and led by seasoned experts skilled in advanced learning techniques, our proven curriculum helps keeps learners engaged from start to finish and more likely to retain and practice what they’ve learned.

  • Defend Against Real World Attacks

  • Actionable, Real-World Curriculum

  • Practical Resources and Tools

Every organization is a target for
cyber attacks.

1 in 5 businesses

in the US will suffer a security breach in the next year

- Ponemon Institute and IBM (2019)

60% of businesses

are forced into bankruptcy within 6 months of a data breach

- Better Business Bureau (2017)

58% of malware

attack victims are small businesses

- Ponemon Institute (2017)

46% of organizations

discover a breach by accident

- Ponemon Institute (2015)

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