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Cybersecurity plays an important role in the transportation industry. As transportation becomes more connected, it’s essential that everything from your systems to your devices are protected from malicious attacks. It’s not just a matter of security, it’s a matter of safety. At Blue Star, we develop advanced cybersecurity solutions specifically for transportation agencies, helping you maintain compliance while rapidly identifying and stopping threats.

Enhance Your Security.
Protect Your Assets.

A breach to your infrastructure could do long term damage. Personal data theft such as credit card or passport information is only one aspect of it. Larger breaches to systems and critical infrastructure can cause major travel delays or affect travelers’ livelihood. Whether it’s application needs or the need to enhance your compliance to ensure customer security, the Blue Star team will work with you to develop highly tailored cyber solutions that protect your entire security posture.

Following cybersecurity best practices, our team of experts follow a proven approach to ensure we can stop even the most sophisticated threats. Pick and choose your services based on your specific needs. Our team will collaborate to build the appropriate program built for the long run. Stay at the forefront of cybersecurity so your team can focus on the essential systems that keep our country moving.

What We Do

Managed Network Security Services

Expert-managed security operations, 24/7 perimeter defense, intrusion detection, file monitoring & more


Find and fix your security weak points with penetration testing, source code analysis, network vulnerability testing


Rest assured your business is up-to-date and within necessary requirements for your data and reporting

Software &

Create and test custom applications that achieve your goals and reduce exposure to cyber threats

Training &

Get expert staff training on security awareness, reverse engineering methodologies and custom curriculums


Highly tailored strategy designed specifically for the transportation industry

Developed to ensure compliance and meet even the most complex requirements

Access to a team of security experts 24/7/365

Proactively protect sensitive data

Safeguard your reputation and maintain trust with customers, enhancing ROI

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Transportation Cybersecurity Solutions

We can help you protect your patients sensitive data and defend your organization with advanced security services. Contact our team to learn how.

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