About Blue Star

We’re an elite team of cybersecurity experts who draw on years of experience in all facets of information security to deliver comprehensive managed security services to our customers. Our mission is to help you achieve yours. Learn more about where we came from, who we are, and what drives us.

Why We Exist

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We founded Blue Star as a powerful resource and partner for organizations seeking to optimally guard their data and proactively defend their network from today’s rapidly growing security threats.

With a name inspired from the incredible intensity and power held within blue stars that defies their visually small size, Blue Star strives to shine as a bright and energetic beacon breaking through the darkness and unknown. Like the guiding stars in the night sky, we serve as a visible, powerful and illuminating resource at every turn.

Our customers count on us to help them successfully navigate the threat landscape and deliver peace of mind.

Why Blue Star

The solution for defending your organization from increasingly sophisticated, targeted cybercrime threats is not found in technology alone. Blue Star understands that building robust security systems to effectively protect critical networks and infrastructures requires two key things: the irreplaceable perspective that insight uniquely provides, combined with the speed and power of technology.

Advanced Security Expertise

High Touch Customer Service & Support

Experience Managing High Risk Environments

Focused, Agile Business Model

Team of Elite Cybersecurity Technologists

Understand Integrating Emerging Technology

Who We Are

It’s the minds who can move a mission forward. We’re a diverse team of former DoD security experts, passionate technologists, cybersecurity enthusiasts and multi-disciplinary professionals, all working together to make an impact. No matter the project, Blue Star team members are dedicated to serving customers with tailored solutions that work.

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Join Us

Be a part of making a meaningful, positive impact in a variety of sectors, all while working in an unbeatable environment and intentional culture. We’re currently on the search for software engineers, cybersecurity engineers, software architects, cloud engineers and more to join our team of experts. Learn more about Blue Star’s unique culture and explore our current opportunities.