SOC – Security Operations Center

At Blue Star, we have established our own Security Operations Center (SOC), which provides us with the platform for the delivery of our services. If you are in need of a sophisticated security operations team, chat with us about our virtual SOC service. We can also customize a package to suit your requirements. If you’re looking at your own internal SOC, get in touch today.

SOC – Crucial protection for your business systems & data.

Operations Center

Defend your organization from increasingly sophisticated and targeted cyber threats with a team of seasoned security experts. We’re in your corner, handling the day-to-day defense of your network, continuously researching and adapting to new threats and always watching.

With our 24/7 network activity and critical alerts monitoring, we’re ever at-the-ready to jump into action in an instant and rapidly isolate and remediate any issues.

When you need help, a real person and expert on your security network is on the other end of your call to assist any time.

  • 360 visibility

  • Perimeter Defense

  • Host Intrusion Detection

  • Network Intrusion Detection

  • Managed SIEM with ongoing tuning

Detect, Defend, Remediate.

We begin with a comprehensive review of your environment. Blue Star audit’s your infrastructure, conducts penetration testing and advises on the best course of action to lock out threats and keep your business information secure.

The threat landscape is changing constantly. Even as new security protocols are developed and put in place, new threats designed to circumvent them arise. We provide advanced threat detection and 24/7 security monitoring from our Atlanta security operations center.

We will protect your infrastructure and your vital customer and business data from malicious software and hackers. Blue Star provides next generation firewall management, web and mail filtering, application patching and identity management.

You never know when the next major hack or ransomware attack will occur. Blue Star gives you peace of mind with our SOC 24/7 security team, who will be on hand to respond whenever it does. Our advanced detection systems can begin automated remediation instantly.

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Find out how you can protect your customers’ sensitive data, meet your compliance requirements, and defend your brand, systems and networks with advanced security services.

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